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IOB at a Glance

Inter Oriental Builders Sarl (IOB-Sarl) is a Civil Engineering Company operating in Durba city, Watsa territory with headquarters in Ariwara, Ituri province of Congo. IOB - Sarl is an established company with several years of experience, a large asset base and skilled manpower that enables the company to undertake projects in civil engineering works, road construction & maintenance, supply of Construction material and hospitality establishments. 

The company is also focused on improving the welfare of the community through corporate social engagement, providing clean drinking water, improving sanitation and supporting social engagement of the youth in recreational activities.


What we do


We do a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise, import and export services. IOB dedicates itself to delivering some world class infrastructure solutions to customers and stakeholders across a broad range of industry sectors. We leverage this competence and expertise to deliver major projects in rural and urban settings, as well as high-growth in Democratic Republic of Congo and other developing economiesin Africa.

Our People


Our employees are our most valued asset and we give full attention and priority to their individual development, welfare and health. We also strive to improve our performance on safety. We show respect and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds and ideas. Together we can work as one to ensure the success 

Our Values


Client focused

We are committed to understanding the various changing needs and demands of our clients and our company will work tirelessly just to do that. We interact with our clients in an open and collaborative way and have a desire to prove that we can provide the best services at a fair and competitive price.

Environmental Impact


IOB recognizes that in society today issues regarding the environment are of concern to its customers, suppliers, employees and the community at large. Therefore, we work in partnership with the regulatory authorities to improve the general quality of life.